It contains an active enzyme called papain that is used in soaps and other skincare products because of its whitening and exfoliating properties.This natural enzyme not only promotes skin renewal but it also facilitates cell turnover. Typically marketed as papaya soaps, these papain-based products are believed to offer certain benefits that other botanical products do not.



1. Facial masks

2. Lighten your skin

3. Facial cleanser

4. Reduce the calluses on your feet and hands

5. Breaks up dead skin

6. Get rid of acne

7. Remove blemishes from your skin

8. Softens your skin

9. Gets rid of cellulite

10. Treatment for wounds

11. Cleanses your body

12. Use as a sunscreen

13. Remove acne scars

14. Gives you smoother skin


Active Ingredients:

Coco oil

Lye solution

Coco diethanalanide

Benzalkonium chloride

Castor oil

Fruit extract



Additional information

Weight .1 kg


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