Hydrating Gel Lotion (skin renewal)


It is for dry parts of face and skin like forehead,smile lines.Dry skin is most common in elderly people and most commonly affects dorsal side of the hands and feet.It appears in mild scaling,roughness,feeling of tightness and possibly itching.


Dry skin is a common combination that is experienced by most people at some point in their time. It is caused by different external and sometimes internal factor.

External factor

  • climate and environmental
  • medical treatments
  • contact with chemicals
  • winter itch,a very dry itch “xerosis”

Internal factor

  • genetic predisposition
  • hormonal influence
  • aging

Benefits and Advantages: High water content,oil free,light feel and less greasy,suitable for dry and oily skin.

Active Ingredients:

Unitamuron H22-moisturizer,and for hydration,reduces skin roughness

Akebisol – moisturizer

– anti-glycation,reduces accumulation of AGES

– protects skin from oxidative stress

– skin firming

Wheat Placenta Cos PF-skin renewal,improves skin elasticity


Note: Not for eyes and under the nose area. (Coz it have a feel of warm sensation.)





Additional information

Weight .03 kg


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