Anti-ageing Set


Encourage a more youthful appearance with Natural Extract’s Anti-ageing Set.Forever young and fine skin!



The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Routine For You

Don’t worry! If you’re guilty of neglecting your skin, turn back the hands of time with this youth-boosting regimen.

  1. Wash your face with Pineapple Soap its acidity helps rinse away dead skin flakes.The Vit C in the pineapple soap helps repair skin tissue.
  2. After washing face, apply Colla-gain Toner it is 10x more effective than collagen.
  3. During daytime, apply Facial Day Cream on your face.This product has SPF 15 protecting your skin from the sun.During the day, the skin is exposed to threats from the external environment including UV rays, weather conditions, and pollution; as well as various makeup and skin products worn throughout the day. It is during this time that the skin’s main goal is to protect itself from being damaged.
  4. At night,apply Facial Night Repair Cream.It prevents your skin from sagging . This can also be used as an eye cream.At night, the skin aims to repair and renew itself during sleep. The prolonged absence of sun exposure creates the ample opportunity for the skin to regenerate. The safe and controlled environment provides the perfect opportunity to gain the benefits from specially formulated skin care products. I




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