Hair Grower Available in the Philippines – Intense Hair Grower Review

Intense Hair Grower or the Intense Hair Growth Set is a leading hair grower available in the Philippines. This article covers the contents of this product that makes it the best hair grower today.
In our previous article, we have discussed the 4 reasons why Intense Hair Grower is the best hair grower in the Philippines. This article discusses more about the active ingredients that makes it so effective in stopping hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

hair grower philippines
The best hair grower should have a money back guarantee…Intense Hair Grower has it! 🙂


Here are the 4 active ingredients that make Intense Hair Growth Set the best hair grower available in the Philippines:


  1. Redensyl – This active ingredient was developed by a cosmetic engineering company called Induchem. They say Redensyl is the newest breakthrough against hair loss. They also say it is the best alternative to hair transplant. This active ingredient has been proven in lab test to work better than other leading actives in the market. They claim it is even better than Minoxidil. They have lab results to back it up. You can learn more about Redensyl on their website.
    redensyl best hair grower active ingredient

  3.  EMortal Pep® – Developed by Biospectrum Inc., Emortal Pep works by stimulating the hair follicle stem cells located under your scalp. Proven to be safe and effective, Emortal Pep is made from plant peptides so you can be sure it won’t have negative effects on you. Learn more about Emortal Pep here.
    emortal pep - best hair grower active ingredient
    Lab test results from Biospectrum Inc.’s website on EMortal Pep

  5. Aloe Vera – Used for thousands of years as a hair loss, hair repair, hair regrowth ingredient, aloe vera is one of the best natural ingredient for your hair. Look it up on the internet. You can’t go wrong with aloe vera.
    aloe vera is best for hair growth
    Here’s a picture of aloe vera just in case you were living under a rock and don’t know what it looks like…


  6. Apple Stem Cell – Definitely a natural ingredient by the sound of it. Do you agree? Apple stem cells stimulate the dormant hair follicles. Thus, it promotes a healthy hair growth. This article says more about the effects of stem cells on hair growth.
    apple stem cell best hair grower ingredient
    If this still won’t convince you, we don’t know what will…


    I hope this article gives you a buyer’s decision. Right now, you have 2 options. First, you can pretend not having read this article and go the other way and still suffer from hair loss problems. Or secondly, you decide to finally end your suffering and try out the best hair grower available in the Philippines.


P.S. Ask us about our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. The risk is on us. That is how confident we are. You deserve only the best solution for your hair growth problems.

Watch this video if you are still struggling with hair loss and hair regrowth:

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  • Poloyski

    This is good stuff to know about hair growth. I like the idea that you guys are indeed using natural ingredients to ensure that the product is human friendly.

    • Natural Extract

      Yes we do. We have been very clear with our vision to only use safe and natural ingredients from the day we started. Thank you for commenting. You are awesome!

  • Mary

    Wow! This is highly informative. Thank you for highlighting the active ingredients. I’ll research more on this! I’ll recommend this hair grower to my friends. Definitely!

    • Natural Extract

      Thank you for the awesome comment. It pays to do your due diligince before making a buyer’s decision. God bless you Ma’am Mary…

  • jeanaiiburnsthesky

    Nice! I will definitely use this. This is good for me since marami akong falling hair. Thank you for this information, guys!!! 🙂

    • Natural Extract

      A change in lifestyle, iwas stress, less fatty and high cholesterol food, less red meat and set of Intense Hair grower will surely do the job of treating falling hair problems. 🙂

  • Rafael Isla

    I’ll try this one. I’m losing hair like crazy

    • Natural Extract

      You’ll never go wrong Intense Hair Grower, Rafael. It is definitely the best hair grower in the Philippines today.

  • Jhom Angeles Sano

    How can I avail that product? I badly need that..

  • Jhing Parel

    How can i avail this product im interested….

  • Charlez Pineda

    Pano bumili? How much

  • Charlez Pineda

    How much? 09062526337 sta maria bulacan

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