4 Reasons Why INTENSE is the Best Hair Grower in the Philippines

We recently had asked several people with hair loss problems about which product is the best hair grower in the Philippines. We also asked why they considered it the best. We asked this question right after using the Intense Hair Growth Set. These people also learned our criteria for the most effective hair grower in the Philippines as outlined in our previous article.

Here are the 4 main reasons why they consider Intense Hair Growth Set as the best hair grower in the Philippines:

  1. It Gives Them Immediate Results– All users we have asked have said one thing first. They are impressed with the FAST and immediate results. Many of them have tried other products. They did not experience the same results as they have experienced using Intense. To most of them, this is the most important factor in considering which is the best hair grower in the Philippines.
Intense Hair Grower
Now with new packaging

2. Users did not Experience Any Side Effects– Most users have tried Minoxidil prior to trying Intense. All of them did not feel any side effects with using Intense. No bad smell. No itchy scalp. No swelling and sore scalp. Thus, making Intense a very competitive alternative to mainstream hair grower.

hair grower in the philippines
Good for hair maintenance

3. Price is Super Competitive– Users have emphasized about Intense’s super affordable price, not to mention it’s risk-free moneyback guarantee. How does it work? Just present a picture of your hair once you purchase the economy pack. After 6 months, present another picture of your hair. If there’s no change, we will refund your money. Simple, right?

4. Product is Proudly Pinoy– This is where we are surprised with. Most of them never thought that a Filipino startup company can produce a product that’s even better than well known brands in the market. As a company, we are grateful that fellow Filipinos are recommending products to their friends.

We hope this article affects your buying decision (positively). If you aren’t fully decided yet, watch the video below:

Finally, you decide which hair grower is the best. Rather than sit on the sidelines, you go ahead and try Intense. Experience what ALL users did and be amazed. Use only the best hair grower in the Philippines.



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